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Introducing Emanuel G2P

Emanuel G2P is a year-long journey for Grandparents with their pre-teen Grandchildren.

What is your role in your grandchild’s life? 

Do you want to take on a more active part in paving your grandchild's Jewish journey?

Today's grandparents tend to be healthier and more active. Therefore, they are increasingly involved in their grandchildren’s lives compared to previous generations.

GrandfatherThis creates a 'grand' opportunity for valuable inter-generational communication and relationships. Grandparents are a pivotal and untapped resource in transmitting to younger generations the value of a committed Jewish life.

In light of this new reality, we've created a unique program utilizing the Partnership2Gether platform specifically relevant for grandparents and their grandchildren.

The G2: Global Intergenerational Initiative is an innovative year-long Jewish experience to explore meaningful connectionsfamily narratives and legacies around Jewish experiences

This year-long initiative is designed to provide Grandparents and Grandchildren (5th-6th grade) an opportunity to build a strong and meaningful relationship revolved around Jewish identity, family narrative and connection to the Jewish community and Israel. Through monthly activities (peulot) and individualized adventures (mesimot), Grandparents have an opportunity to share their values, heritage and legacy with their Grandchildren through fun, innovative and meaningful activities.     Click here for an overview of the G2P Journey

  • Connect with Grandparents and Grandchildren from your P2G Israel community and around the world.

  • Program culminates with a week-long trip to Israel together with participants from around the world.

  • Your journey launches in January 2019 and culminates with the Global Israel Experience from 23rd to 30th December, 2019.
    The cost of the Israel trip is only A$2400 pp  Click here for more info on the Israel Experience.

We're thrilled to be launching Emanuel G2P at Emanuel Synagogue, Woollahra.  

We invite you to join our journey and look forward to hearing from you. 

On Monday February 18 from 6:30pm we will be having an information evening. Register here now.


Click here to apply now or email for more information.


Mon, 1 June 2020 9 Sivan 5780