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Emanuel Synagogue is committed to engaging with the youth in our congregation. Through our support of Netzer, we help to empower our youth to be active participants in our community.

What is Netzer Australia?

The word 'נצר - Netzer' is an acronym for "נוער ציוני רפורמי - Noar Tzioni Reformi" - Progressive, Zionist, Youth.

These are the foundations of Netzer's Ideology: Progressive Judaism, Reform Zionism, and Youth engagement and Netzer is a Progressive, Zionist Youth Movement, which aims to inspire and educate the youth of our community. Netzer empowers the youth and encourage them to be active participants of the Progressive community. Netzer provides a way to actively participate in its values, thereby creating a link between ideology and everyday life.

Netzer participants (chanichim) benefit from learning through experiencing a diverse range of activities such as summer and winter camps, weekly meetings, celebrations for Jewish festivals, Israeli cultural events, social functions, Shabbat services and active social action activities.

To find out more, to find out more, visit the Netzer website and Facebook page.

Netzer camp

Sun, 15 December 2019 17 Kislev 5780