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Pesach 2020

Siyum Bechorot - Wednesday Morning, included in Morning Minyan
Wednesday 8 April, 8:00am
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Join us as we complete a tractate of Talmud and a brief D’var Torah, to allow first born children to not fast on the day before Pesach.


Pesach Beyachad -

Given the challenging circumstances of our time, our clergy have created a series of unique services to celebrate Pesach with a combination of prayer, study and song. 

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  • 2nd Day: Pesach Live

Friday 10 April, 10:00am

A musical service weaving together prayer, story and meditation highlighting the themes of the Pesach season.

Mishkan Tefilah, used for Pesach services -

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Chol HaMo’ed Services

  • 4th Day: Morning Minyan

Sunday 12 April, 9:00am

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  • 5th Day: Morning Minyan

Monday 13 April, 9:00am (note: later start due to public holiday)

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  • 6th Day: Morning Minyan

Tuesday 14 April, 8:00am

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  • 7th Day: Pesach Beyachad 

Wednesday 15 April, 10:00am

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  • 8th Day: Pesach Beyachad with Yizkor

Thursday 16 April, 10:00am

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First Night:

There are a number of virtual sedarim in our region which you can join. Please refer to the UPJ website ( for further details. 


Second Night: Seder Beyachad

Thursday 9 April, 5:30pm - 9:00pm

Together we will take the journey from slavery to freedom as we celebrate as one community. Our clergy team invites you to join them in song and story as you recline and dine in the comfort of your home.

Haggadah for the main part of the seder -

And one for after dinner -

Did you miss our beautiful seder? Click here to watch a video

Women’s Seder

Monday 13 April, 6:00pm

We invite the women of our congregation to join in our women’s seder, celebrating the role women played in the Exodus story.

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Kabbalah Seder 

Monday 13 April, 7:00pm

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Join Rabbi Orna Triguboff and Cantor George Mordecai for a seder that unpacks the deeper spiritual meaning of the journey from slavery to freedom. We will be singing our standard Pesach melodies as well as learning a few tunes from Jewish communities around the world.

Sun, 9 August 2020 19 Av 5780